Button Necklace Instructions








2 x 1.5 metres waxed cord

3 large buttons You will need a pair of scissors.

4 medium size buttons It is a good idea to trim the cord when the ends

7 smallish buttons become frayed.



Step 1 Lay your buttons into a pattern as in the picture .


Step 2. Take one piece of the waxed cord and start with the middle large button .Thread the button through one hole on to the waxed cord , slide it to the middle of the cord.


Step 3 With the two lengths of the first cord tie a knot next to the button.


Step 4 Move on to the next button. Put the top thread through one of the holes of the top side of the button and then put the bottom thread through the opposite hole of the button and then tie a knot .


Step5. Pick up the next button and repeat step 4.


Step 6. Continue until you have used half of you buttons remembering to leave one for the clasp at the back.


Step7. Then take the 2nd length of 1.5 metre waxed cord and starting on middle button repeat steps 2to 5.Cut one of the 2 cords after the last button at each side.


Step 8.Finally thread the remaining small button from behind through one hole then the other. Push it to the correct length for you, tie 2 knots behind the button. Cut when you are sure the length is correct. Make a loop in the other end and tie a knot the right size to fit the button for a clasp. Trim the ends.


Thank you for making this button necklace. We hope you enjoy wearing it.

This was designed by Ben at Raphael Crafts and can be made using our lovely buttons or any you have around.

raphaelcrafts @ yahoo. co.uk.